Special Stages
Nr. Name Length Date Start time
SS 4 LDz Cargo 2 18,79 km 02.02.2013 10:20


Name: LDz Cargo 2

Date: February 2

Start time of first car: 10:20

Distance: 18,79km

Special spectators' spots No.: 2 / 6

Spectators' spots No.: 1 / 3 / 4 / 5


We kindly invite all rally fans to attend special spectators' spots, where for Your convenience bonfires will be made, hot drinks and snacks will be offered and amenities will be ensured. In the spectators' spots the rally radio will also be broadcasted.

E> Evacuation road. On these roads car parking is allowed only on one side of the road.

Please, be considerate in relation to other persons’ property, do not litter the road-sides and at all times think about your safety and safety of other persons.





Special stage in cooperation with LDz Cargo

LDz Cargo is a reliable partner in the railway market of the Baltic region. The company is well-known for its successful projects in transportation of various types of cargoes, including containerised cargoes.

The main values of LDz Cargo are its clients and partners. The total number of LDz Cargo clients is close to 3000, whereof more than 1000 are strategic clients. LDz Cargo believes that each client and partner is unique and special; therefore work of the enterprise is directed towards provision of the most appropriate solution of cargo transportation for each client. More information: WWW


Rally maps in magazine TopGear Latvija

If You want to have take away maps, then wait till January 29, when the latest issue of magazine TopGear Latvija is put on sale. Hint, hint, maps will be included.


Google Earth

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Maps for the software available here: KMZ