Ketomaa/ Lindström wins 3 000 EUR money prize

„Rally Liepāja-Ventspils” participants alongside sportive excitement received financial motivation. In order to rouse additional intrigue the JSC „Ventbunkers” has allocated a prize fund at the amount of 10,000 EUR that was divided among the fastest and most attractive rally participants.

Jari Ketomaa / Kaj Lindström receives 3,000 EUR money prize. Photo: Aigars Tīdmanis,

The largest prize in amount of 3,000 EUR was received by the winning crew of the FIA European Rally Championship Round 2 Jari Ketomaa/ Kaj Lindström, who received the prize as the fastest four-wheel drive crew at the FIA ERC. 2,000 EUR money prize went to another Finnish crew Risto Immonen/ Mikko Lukka, who drove the fastest 2WD car in the FIA ERC event.

Money prizes went to the participants of the Latvian Rally Championship. The fastest four-wheel drive crew Jānis Feldmanis/ Anrijs Jesse received 2,000 EUR, as much as the fastest 2WD crew – Ralfs Sirmacis/ Māris Kulšs.

A special prize went to a crew that earned unmixed affinity of the spectators — Emīls Blūms/ Ilmārs Vecgailis. They deserved the loudest spectators’ ovation at 100,1 dB upon passing the launching pad in the last super special stage „Ventspils Kalns” (Ventspils Hill) and will receive 1,000 EUR prize money.