The Second Round of the European Rally Championship will be held in Latvia

Starting from 2013 the sportive format of the European Rally Championship (ERC) will undergo significant changes. With the decision of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) the organization of the Championship in the next 10 years has been assigned to the Eurosport Events — it has developed the successful project Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC), which can be considered the second most remarkable rally championship in the world. From now on these two championships (ERC and IRC) will be merged, basing on the IRC format, and will provide a remarkable and exciting rally season for spectators. This championship, which will be held all over Europe, will include rally competitions along different surfaces and will be translated via Eurosport in 59 countries worldwide.

The European Rally Championship still is to be confirmed in the calendar of 2013 by the International Automobile Federation, yet in the current draft it is provided that it will start with Jännerrallye, held from 3rd till 5th January in Austria, and will be followed by the winter rally in the Kurzeme Region.

„Since 2009 already work of the Association RA Motosport has been determinedly aimed at organization of an international rally event in Latvia, and we are extremely glad, that our contribution has been appreciated. For rally spectators in the Baltics this will be a great opportunity to see exciting high-level event so close to their homes,” satisfied with the achievements tells the event organizer Raimonds Strokšs. „The contribution of the Republic of Latvia, the Liepāja City Council and the Ventspils City Council is also invaluable, and without their help organization of the round of the European Rally Championship would not be possible. Currently we are actively looking for a general sponsor, and we are open to negotiations with anybody interested in co-operation and rally support.”

“Since January we have actively worked with Raimonds, therefore I am much honoured to be in Rīga today and to confirm that the European Rally Championship next year will be held also in Latvia. Full-fledged winter rally will be a big challenge for drivers and organizers as well as for spectators. This definitely will be a great round,” the representative of Eurosport Events Antonello Lodoletti comments upon co-operation with RA Motosport.

The official start will be given and the first stages of the Rally Liepāja-Ventspils will be covered on 1st February in the Liepāja neighbourhood. During the second day the Rally will slowly advance towards the North, and the day will be concluded nearby Ventspils. However the final rally day will be spent in the Ventspils neighbourhood and the Awarding Ceremony will be held there as well.

“The second round of the European Rally Championship in Latvia is a logical and natural continuation of the path Liepāja step-by-step commenced in 1956, when my father — the auto sports enthusiast Mārtiņš Sesks — established the rally culture in Liepāja. Liepāja has already gained experience in organizing rally events at the level of Latvia, former USSR and Europe, thus I am pleased that next year we will have the opportunity to host the round of the European Rally Championship, which will gather in Liepāja many world-level sportsmen and fans,” the Liepāja Mayor Uldis Sesks comments upon the planned event.

“We are pleased that the round of the European Rally Championship will be held in Latvia, besides Ventspils will be one of the rally host cities. Ventspils has always supported good and interesting ideas and courage to aspire to higher achievements. Hosting and organizations of an event of such a scale is a serious debut on the international stage, which will ensure that the name of Latvia and Ventspils is heard far beyond the borders of Latvia. We wish to the rally organizers a successful work planning,” says the Chairman of the Ventspils City Council Aivars Lembergs.

The official car of Rally Liepāja-Ventspils will be Volkswagen, and starting from today already the event organizers will drive two Golf 6 R-line cars. During the rally another 14 VW cars will be conferred to the organizers and will be driven by both Eurosport Event representatives and FIA observers.

Spectators will be able to follow Rally Liepāja-Ventspils not only at the event venue, but also in the Eurosport channel — at the end of each rally day broadcast about the Latvian round will be relayed, and on Tuesday it will be possible to see the event summary. In addition in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia these broadcasts will be retranslated in TV6.

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